Burning FLAC files to Audio CD using Nero 8

By default Nero 8 does not include a decoder for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files. This should also work in prior versions of Nero as well.

This is tested and working in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Edit: From the comments, it appears that this only works when opening Nero through Nero Express or Nero Burning Rom. If you go through StartSmart, it may not work. I can't test this because I don't use StartSmart, it is bloated crap for the less IT inclined people to use.

  1. First of course you will need Nero installed.
  2. Open Nero Burning Rom.
  3. Cancel the first window, then go to File > Options
  4. Select the Audio tab.
  5. Make note of the Plug-in directory.
  6. Close Nero.
  7. Then make your way to bitburners.com and download the plugins you wish. If you are just doing FLAC files then all you need is the FLAC plug-in, not FAAC.
  8. Save the zip file to your desktop.
  9. Using your zip extration program of your choice, get the DLL file out of the zip.
  10. Copy the DLL to your Plug-in directory that you found out in Nero.
  11. Now restart Nero Burning Rom.
  12. Go to File > Options and press the Audio tab.
  13. This time press the Options button.
  14. You will see a list of all the plugins installed in Nero.
  15. Now when you try and burn a file using Nero you will be able to add FLAC files to your CD.