Create your own simple grid system in CSS

This tutorial will outline the steps required to create your own grid system like the 960.gs or Blueprint CSS frameworks.

Create stepped navigation with arrows using HTML + CSS

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a stepped navigation with arrows using HTML and CSS which works in all major browsers. It is useful to show a user a stepped process such as a multi part form where there is more than one step that needs to be filled in.

Counter Strike: Source weapon skins

Here are some Counter Strike: Source skins I made a couple of years ago.

Skins were exported from the game then modified using Photoshop and saved back in to VTF for Counter Strike: Source.

Blue Scout

[MySQL] Using MySQL to analyze web usage from Windows ISA logs

This tutorial will teach you how to import a tab delimited file in to a MySQL database. I built a program to do this for Windows ISA Server logs which contained over 500,000 lines which was way too many for Microsoft Excel to handle and too much for notepad to handle properly. What MySQL functions will we be using:

New Design

Polished up the design a bit.  Haven't tried it in anything other than Firefox 3, but there isn't any CSS that shouldn't work in IE or Opera except maybe the search.

I also will be going through and tagging all the old posts which weren't tagged.

Categories can now be found at the top right of the page.

CSSViewer updated for Firefox 3 RC3

CSS Viewer has been updated to work on Firefox 3 which is a welcome relief being probably my second most used development tool behind the web developer toolbar.


As you can see from the scr

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