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Koenigsegg CCX at London Motorshow


See the rest of the photos from our London Motorshow 2008 visit on Flickr.

Server Migration

Site was down for a couple of days due to a server migration.  There was a problem with importing the database dump on to the new server, but everything should be sorted now.

New excellent alloy wheel cleaner and brush

After running out of Carlack Wheel Cleaner which I found to be very good I decided to try a new product. I chose to buy some Valet Pro Bilberry Safe Wheel Cleaner. The label recommends that it should be diluted 1:1 for heavily soiled wheels and 5:1 for lightly soiled wheels.

I bought 2 bottles with chemical sprayers and made a 1:1 bottle and a 5:1 bottle.

With the Bilberry I also purchased a new brush which has been getting rave reviews on Detailing World and Clean Your Car to compliment my Vikan Wheel Brush.  The new brush is called the EZ Detail Wheel Brush.

[How to] Convert AVCHD ISO to MKV

These steps will help you convert an AVCHD ISO to MKV so it is playable on your PC.

After some searching after my previous post.

I have found the answer on the AfterDawn forums.

The only difference being that IsoMagic failed to open up the ISO at all.  Instead I used IsoBuster created by Smart Projects.

The software you will need is:

  • IsoBuster - (You will need to purchase, as free trial does not allow ability to extract.)
  • tsMuxeR - Freeware.
  • mkvtoolnix - Freeware (Windows download at the bottom.)

Converting video (AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4) to FLV using FFmpeg

Firstly you need to download FFmpeg from the FFmpeg website

To convert your file use the following command.

ffmpeg -i "C:\videos\" -ar 44100 -ab 96 -f flv "C:\videos\videoname.flv"

Wordpress 2.6 Released

Wordpress 2.6 was released today and there are some new tidy features on the backend which I wasn't expecting.

The plugins page has been transformed from a useful administration page in to a brilliant administration page.  You can now delete those inactive plugins which aren't going to use anymore without going in to FTP and deleting the files as well as the active and inactive plugins been seperated in to 2 seperate tables which is a really nice touch in my opinion.

I haven't had any problems with the multitude of different plugins that are used in any of my sites.

How do you play PS3 AVCHD ISO files on Windows?

Does anyone know how to play these files on Windows?

WMP, SMPlayer, VLC, PowerDVD 7 and PowerDVD 8 fail to play it.

Opening the ISO in WinRAR displays an empty file.

EDIT: I found out away in my post [How to] Convert AVCHD ISO to MKV.

2008 Project Kahn Bentley GTS Black Edition

Project Kahn is proud to announce the launch of the new Bentley Continental GTS ‘Black Edition’.

The ‘Black Edition’ has an eight-piece body consisting of a three piece rear valance, two side skirts, a two piece front valance and a rear boot spoiler. This kit has been developed by our Project Kahn design team and has undergone many hours of testing not only to ensure safety but also to ensure that a perfect fit is achieved for each car.

The ‘Black Edition’ package contains a full interior styling programme which includes a bespoke Project Kahn Luxury Leather upgrade and high gloss piano black interior fascia panels with the optional extras of either a high gloss piano black steering or a carbon fibre finish steering wheel. Each car comes with privacy tinted glass perfectly matched to compliment the cars exterior.



Source: SeriousWheels

Also check out Project Kahn's new updated website.