Wordpress 2.6 Released

Wordpress 2.6 was released today and there are some new tidy features on the backend which I wasn't expecting.

The plugins page has been transformed from a useful administration page in to a brilliant administration page.  You can now delete those inactive plugins which aren't going to use anymore without going in to FTP and deleting the files as well as the active and inactive plugins been seperated in to 2 seperate tables which is a really nice touch in my opinion.

I haven't had any problems with the multitude of different plugins that are used in any of my sites.

Postal The Movie DVD Release Date


It appears that the Postal DVD release date has been completely ignored. On the 16th June the DVD release of Uwe Boll's Postal was supposed to be released in the UK.

New Design

Polished up the design a bit.  Haven't tried it in anything other than Firefox 3, but there isn't any CSS that shouldn't work in IE or Opera except maybe the search.

I also will be going through and tagging all the old posts which weren't tagged.

Categories can now be found at the top right of the page.

CSSViewer updated for Firefox 3 RC3

CSS Viewer has been updated to work on Firefox 3 which is a welcome relief being probably my second most used development tool behind the web developer toolbar.


As you can see from the scr

This is ENGLAND!!


It's about time this really happened.

Fail Pictures



Digg staff into piracy?

I went on to Digg this morning to see if there was anything interesting when I got in to work and was greeted by this:

Click the image for a larger view.

Balmer users Apple Mac at Louvain-La-Neuve?

There seems to be a lot of fuss about this picture. There have been a lot of Diggs on it and a lot of comments about how Windows sucks and Macs rules on Flickr.

Are people too deluded to see anything other than what they want to see to give them a 5 second laugh and to say:


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