Offer box

This tutorial with guide you through how to make a professional looking offer box for your company shop:

This tutorial takes in to account that you know the basics of Photoshop.



Open Photoshop and create a new image, 300x200.


Create a rounded rectangle with a radius of 25px


Now rasterize the layer by right clicking it and selecting Rasterize Layer


Ctrl + click the layer and use the gradient tool to draw a gradient from top to bottom with the darker colour at the top. You can choose any colour for this, but bear in the mind the layout of your website and whether you want it to blend in or whether you want it to stand out.


Select the dodge tool and set it to highlights and set the exposure to 20%. Use a soft 50px dodge tool.


Now add a shine to the top. You can use any shine technique for this. What I do is select the eliptical marquee tool and create a huge eclipse, then move it to cover the area i want, create a new layer and apply a gradient from the very top of the picture to 1/2 way between where my marquee ends and the bottom of the picture.


Ctrl + click the rectangle and go to Select » Modify » Contract and set to 2px, then go to Select » Inverse and delete from the gradient layer.


Now apply a gauissian blur of 1.2px to the gradient layer. You should have something like this:


Now add your text and images. For the now only £590.99 I just used Trebuchet MS and added an small Innershadow, a gradient overlay and a stroke.



innershadow colour: #000000



Gradient is #e7e7e7 to #ffffff



stroke colour: #ababab


The blending options don't have a big impact but it does add a small professional feel to it. You can add a reflection to the text and any images you put on it. I would adivse putting the shine straight above the rectangle layer rather than above any text and images, although you can play with it.