Burning FLAC files to Audio CD using Nero 8

By default Nero 8 does not include a decoder for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files. This should also work in prior versions of Nero as well.

This is tested and working in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Edit: From the comments, it appears that this only works when opening Nero through Nero Express or Nero Burning Rom. If you go through StartSmart, it may not work. I can't test this because I don't use StartSmart, it is bloated crap for the less IT inclined people to use.

  1. First of course you will need Nero installed.
  2. Open Nero Burning Rom.
  3. Cancel the first window, then go to File > Options
  4. Select the Audio tab.
  5. Make note of the Plug-in directory.
  6. Close Nero.
  7. Then make your way to bitburners.com and download the plugins you wish. If you are just doing FLAC files then all you need is the FLAC plug-in, not FAAC.
  8. Save the zip file to your desktop.
  9. Using your zip extration program of your choice, get the DLL file out of the zip.
  10. Copy the DLL to your Plug-in directory that you found out in Nero.
  11. Now restart Nero Burning Rom.
  12. Go to File > Options and press the Audio tab.
  13. This time press the Options button.
  14. You will see a list of all the plugins installed in Nero.
  15. Now when you try and burn a file using Nero you will be able to add FLAC files to your CD.


In Nero I see the list with plugins (with flac) but when I try to
burn a flac file the only result is the message "unexpected file
format" What can I do? thanks Jan

@jan, Make sure Nero is not running. Copy the plugins back over overwriting the old ones. Then open Nero again.

I've done the required steps but still nero will not convert flac
files for burning. i've installed the flac plugin several times but
still no go. flac shows up in the options option on the audio tab
but nero will not allow burning of flac audio files. any help would
be great. i upgraded from Nero 7 and nero 7 did the flac conversion
with out problem.

This was done using Nero 8 fresh install. I will try and find my Nero 7 CD and do an upgrade and see if it works.

If possible, uninstall Nero and reinstall with just 8.

I did uninstall 7 and did a fresh install of 8 but no go. This is a
bummer because the flac plugin saved so much time and effort.

I tried an upgrade from 7 to 8 and it worked fine.

There must be another underlying problem. It may be worth contacting Nero, although if you got Nero with a DVD writer then I am not sure they will give you support.

Otherwise you will have to convert to WAV then burn the WAVs to CD. For that I prefer to use Foobar.

okay, thanks for the heip

Exactly same problems as dave upgrade 7 to 8 lost ability to burn flac-istalled plugin several times no go deleted nero reinstalled 8 from scratch ditto plugin shows but when adding files flac is not in list of supported formats what a pile of junk whilst i now i can recode to wave it defeats what i do in filesharing which is download flac and share elsewhere in flac you would think nero would get such a basic right SPOOKIly the problem is on my desktop running xp.. having upgraded 7 to 8 on laptop running vista (supposedly the OS WWHICH MAY CAUSE PROBS HERE) ALL IS FINE ??????? THANKS TO ALL HERE FOR INPUT ANY OTHER IDEDAS? MARTIN

for me, with vista an nero 8: have flac plugin installed like
above. it works when i start with burning rom (essentials)and nero
express (essentials). it didn´t work with nero start smart
(essentials)! Shorten (shn) plugin didn´t work at all!

crap, doesnt work, waste of bandwidth. tried all directions above,
nero 8 still wont recognise FLAC files

For me works perfect. nERO - VISTA 32 THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

thanks! works just fine with nero 7 and XP here. JUST ADDED THE

Got Nero 8. Same problem as Jan - unexpected file format when
loading flac files. Done same as Dave H - without success. Agree
with bristolmar - sack of wa*k. Downgrading to Ver. 7

Got pi*#ed off with Nero. This freeby - Burrn - worked first time :

worked fine for me nero 8 with vista

Works fine no problems

thanx!! works in nero 8

I tried this and also here big shit does not work who can help me

I tried exactly as described but does not work I really find this
apain in the ass and do not undertsand why NERO does not have APE
and flac on board whn you buy it. this is an outrage to drop 2 of
the most popular features in music files somebody any idea

I had the same experience as Ramona with Nero 8. The FLAC plug-in
works in Nero Burning ROM and Express, but it does not work in the
Nero Start Smart burning program. In my opinion it is very
short-sighted of Nero to not provide native FLAC support. In my
experience most digital music sites that offer a lossless file
download option do so in FLAC. Sure, I can convert FLAC to WAV with
FLAC Frontend and then burn WAV to CD with Nero, but that is a
convoluted path.

I used this and it worked perfectly first time. It was the first
time I had used Nero (demo version) or had anything to do with flac

worked fine with me on nero 8, all as described, the only thing i
can think that different is that i went into task manager to ensure
all of nero was closed down in step 6. Thankyou very much.

Thank You So much for this post!!! It works so great for me. Kisses
from this part of the Earth!

Superb, Thanks for the info. Worked perfectly, even though you lose
the Track info. Just deciding if to re-rip all my cd's that i have
ripped to my Request in 320mp3 !!! BTW - ramona & KANALGRILLEN
- Don't blame the process 'cos it does work.

Didn't work for me in Nero Start Smart but DID work if I went
straight to Burning ROM.

In that case appears StartSmart won't work.

I can't test it because I don't install it.

Works like a charm, thank you :) It DOES NOT matter which way you
use Nero (Start Smart or Burning Room) if you put the plug-in in
right place ;)

Shorten plugin worked fine for me, XP, Nero Micro 8... Many thanx

Worked like a charm for me - Vista x86 - Thanks

best of the best it is,

work with nero 8: - download nxMyFLA.DLL (pls. google it!) Copy to
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\AudioPlugin To verify your Audio
plugin directory: Open your Nero Burning ROM goto
Files\Options\Audio Enjoy burning!

awesome thanks

brilliant works a treat thanks for the info

Worked 100% fine for me, thanks!

Thanks Pirata,
Your solustion works "flawlessly"

Past audio plugins in this directory: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\AudioPlugins.

I'am using Windows Vista and Nero 8+

You da man! tried everywhere and every thing. this worked thanx

Thank you for this, very big help!

you saved me tonight!!


Very useful ... I'd been looking for this advice for quite sometime. Thank you very much!

my contribution month ago was a serios statement, i didn´t blame anybody!
I´m able to put plugins in the rigth direction, but shorten (shn) is still not working here. Maybe this is because of my "Essentials"-Version of Nero 8. Same with the bug in Nero StartSmart; didn´t recognise flac or shn as audio-files.
Burning flac with Express or Burning ROM works, as i said before,absolutely perfect. Thanks to James!
Curios, CD burning plugin for foobar uses Nero. With Foobar´s Nero component, í´m able to burn shn´s, but not with Nero...

PaulH Says: (June 28th, 2008 at 2:26 pm)
- Don’t blame the process ‘cos it does work.

Thank you it worked like a charm for me.

I am Brazilian and for here there is not anything and I thank this plug-in
wonderful, thank you, thank you very much even

Many thanks!!!

I spent quite a while trying to find a solution to this problem and after trying various other options I came across your article. It worked perfectly. Thanks very much.

Pirata is da bomb! THANKS SO MUCH for this perfect solution to burning .flac files in Nero Express!

If you are dragging and dropping the file from Zip file to the folder, it doesn't work. I did it that way first time.. it didn't work. I extracted the files to the plugins folder it worked. Incase if burning ROM doesn't work, try nero express... NERO burning ROM did not work for me but express did....... THANKS!!!

After months of trying , this last post gave the solution. EXTRACT THE nxMYFLA zip directly into the audio plugin folder.
does not work with nero smart , worked with ROM and EXpress.

thanks to S.......

Thank's a million. Own u some beers..:D
It works.
Do not open Nero Start Smart but NERO Burning ROM and then file,options...
VISTA owner
ty again

Works fine!


Thank You!