Add snow to text

Add Snow to Text

This tutorial with guide you through how to add snow to your text:


1. Open Photoshop and create a new document. I'm using 300x100
2. Use a background colour that will show up snow properly such as black or dark blue.

Add your text in a large bold font:

4. Create a new layer and make sure it is above the text layer
5. Select the Brush Tool (B) with a diameter of 5px and hardness set to 75%.
6. Set the forground colour to White, by pressing D then X

Now you have to draw on your snow, where you want it:

8. Now using the Brush Tool (B) again, set the diameter to 2px and add more detail

Now right click the layer and chose Blending Options:

Blend Mode: #CCCCCC

Highlight Mode: #FFF

Shadow Mode: #333


This is what you should have: