Extend the bumpers of a car

Extend the bumpers of a car

This tutorial with guide you through how to extend the bumpers of a car:

original finished
Original Finished

1. Open your car in Photoshop. I am using this Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Download here
amv8 thumbnail
2. I am starting with the front bumper. Zoom in so the whole of the front bumper fits on your canvas.

Using the magnetic lasso tool draw round the bumper.
front bumper selection

I have used the lines of the car to make it easier.


Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the selection on to a new layer.


Hold Shift and press down a few times to move the bumper down.


Press Ctrl + T then right click with in the selection and select Skew. Skew the bumper so the edges fit together, but this doesnt have to be perfect as you can touch it up later.



You have 2 options on how you want to blend the bumper in. You can either use the heal brush tool or the blur tool.

healbrush blurtool
Heal Brush Tool
Blur Tool

You can use which ever one you feel looks best, I normally use a mix between the 2 for different areas.


Once you have finished the whole bumper you should get something like this:


You can then use the same technique for the side skirts.

finished thumbnail

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