Date and time text file

This tutorial shows you how to make a text file that whenever opened adds a new line to itself with the date and time that the file was opened.

How do you create this file? 
  1.  Create a new text file and name it anything you want, as long as you retain the .txt file extension

  2.  In the txt file type in ".LOG" (Do not include the "")

  3.  Save and close the file.

  4.  Now if you open the file it will have the date and time that you opened it.

  5.  Close the file again and wait a minute or two.

  6.  Reopen the file again and you will see that the current time has been entered on a new line.

Now you have a file which will update itself everytime it is opened. 

What use does this file have?

If you set up a batch file to open a certain document or program you can tell it to open this text file at the same time and close it.  This means that when ever anyone runs the batch file to run the program or open the document you will have a list of dates and time its used rather than just the last date modified which is included in Windows.