Create the Counter Strike Headshot Logo

This tutorial with guide you through how to take the headshot logo from a tshirt:

smiley face
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Open this picture of the headshot logo from counter strike which has been taken from one of Pure Pwnages tshirts.

Download Here


Select the Magnetic Lasso Tool and draw around the main area of the head.



Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the selected area on to a new layer.


Do the same with the 5 blood squirts remembering to have the background selected when duplicate it.


Now using the same technique take out the eyes, mouth and the crack in the head. Hide your backround layer to make sure there arent any large black bits remaining.


Merge all the duplicated layers together. You should have this:


7. Ctrl + Click the layer then click the Channels tab. Then press the Save Selection as Channel to create an alpha channel.

Press Ctrl + D to deselect the selection. Click the new alpha channel to select it.

alpha channel


Go to Filter » Blur » Gauisian Blur and set to 5px.


Now go to Image » Adjustments » Levels. Use these levels:


11. Ctrl + Click the alpha channel to make a selection of it.
12. Click the Layers tab and create a new channel. Fill this selection with white.
13. Show the background again if you hid it and fill it with black.
14. Delete the old headshot layer which was made up of the duplicates.

Then you are finished. Now you can make your own custom shape from your image.

boom headshot finished