Burning FLAC files to Audio CD using Nero 8

By default Nero 8 does not include a decoder for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files. This should also work in prior versions of Nero as well.

This is tested and working in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Edit: From the comments, it appears that this only works when opening Nero through Nero Express or Nero Burning Rom. If you go through StartSmart, it may not work. I can't test this because I don't use StartSmart, it is bloated crap for the less IT inclined people to use.

  1. First of course you will need Nero installed.
  2. Open Nero Burning Rom.
  3. Cancel the first window, then go to File > Options
  4. Select the Audio tab.
  5. Make note of the Plug-in directory.
  6. Close Nero.
  7. Then make your way to bitburners.com and download the plugins you wish. If you are just doing FLAC files then all you need is the FLAC plug-in, not FAAC.
  8. Save the zip file to your desktop.
  9. Using your zip extration program of your choice, get the DLL file out of the zip.
  10. Copy the DLL to your Plug-in directory that you found out in Nero.
  11. Now restart Nero Burning Rom.
  12. Go to File > Options and press the Audio tab.
  13. This time press the Options button.
  14. You will see a list of all the plugins installed in Nero.
  15. Now when you try and burn a file using Nero you will be able to add FLAC files to your CD.


Worked perfectly for me with Nero 8114. Thank you.

Works like a charm.
Thanks for the tip!

Funciona a la perfección.

Works in Win7, build 7100, Nero 8 Express. Didn't have to do anything in "options", I don't think there is anything in Express to set. Note; the plugins in 8 don't seem to have an "nx" prefix; don't rename the plugin regardless. Just leave it as is, and it will work just fine.

Just downloaded and installed the plugin and it seems to be working perfectly in Nero Burning ROM. Running Nero 8 on Vista 64.

Thank you!!

it works fine you dildos. you just have to burn the express way

worked great. win xp, nero

Cheers! this worked a treat! Just remember its 'Program files - Common files' and then when you restart Nero, use burning rom to create your audio cd.

Thanks a lot! It works with NERO Burning Essentials 8 and VISTA64

I was getting in a mess, then I searched google and came across this advice page
Admin and Pirala thank you very much,
I will add this site to Favs
Great job, I am so happy

Thanks alot, man! Works like a charm :)

i just tried this and it worked perfectly. thank you for the plug-in. you're a life saver!

Works fine for me, (just follow the directions as the post says) thanks for your help !

Great! Works perfectly! :) Thank you!

YEEEE, Thank you for this info! Helped me very much! Wish you luck

Thanks man you rock works Mint I love no muck around help w0000p w0000p THANKS

WORKS! thanks. I used Burning Rom, 8

works for --many thanks
Have nero seven

thanks Pirata

For anyone who couldn't get this to work, please make sure that you install the plug-ins into the correct directory.

If you upgrade from Nero7 to Nero8, use this:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\AudioPlugins

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins

Hope this help!

Thanks! Works perfectly and I now can handle several more formats.

Good work users!

Thank you very much for the clear and simple instructions! It worked and my CD is burned and now playing!
Yay! :)

just found this by accident trying to burn some flac files with nero 8 on windows 7 64 bit.

works great but you gotta burn audio cd using burning rom and not start smart.

Thank you!

worked really well, thanks for taking the time

thanks for taking the time worked really well

Thank you. It works fine for me. Nero 8 with Windows 7 & it works with StartSmart.

Works great thanks a lot!

Excellent instructions - so clear, precise, and concise!

Thank you very much.

(Have you ever thought of becoming a technical writer?!)

Thanks, have updated the post.