[FIX] The image anyimage.jpg cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I suddenly started getting the following error when ever I tried to view an image by itself within Firefox 2.0.14.

The image “http://www.example.com/button_bg.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I didn't know what had caused this as I hadn't installed any extensions knowingly. This happens for all image files, not just jpg.

The problem was Skype. Go to Tools > Add-ons and uninstall it.

Problem solved. Would be nice for Skype to have said it was installing shit in to Firefox...and if it did it would of been good of me to actually read it.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. Been looking forever for a fix, somhow didnt
find one till now! --FF

For me, anyway, I don't have to unistall it, just click on the
Skype Extension button at the top right of my browser and I can
toggle between seeing images or seeing skype links. Not that one
should have to do this, but if you like hte SE, I'd say give this a