New excellent alloy wheel cleaner and brush

After running out of Carlack Wheel Cleaner which I found to be very good I decided to try a new product. I chose to buy some Valet Pro Bilberry Safe Wheel Cleaner. The label recommends that it should be diluted 1:1 for heavily soiled wheels and 5:1 for lightly soiled wheels.

I bought 2 bottles with chemical sprayers and made a 1:1 bottle and a 5:1 bottle.

With the Bilberry I also purchased a new brush which has been getting rave reviews on Detailing World and Clean Your Car to compliment my Vikan Wheel Brush.  The new brush is called the EZ Detail Wheel Brush.

I didn't get any before pictures, but it was a lot dirtier than it is in this picture:

After a spray of 5:1 diluted Bilbery, I left it to dwell for 2 minutes before scrubbing with the EZ Detail Brush.  The only problem I found with the brush is that it gave a lot more spray back than the Vikan, although it did a much better job a lot quicker.

Vauxhall Astra

The wheel came out very clean and shiny without being polished or having a sealant applied to it.

I have also tried the 1:1 which was extremely effective, although I think you would easily be able to save money and get away with using just 5:1.  If you regularly maintain your wheels in a weekly wash, you should be able to use the Bilberry 10:1.