Ford Mondeo MK4 (2007 – onwards) leaking boot problem

There is a problem on all Mondeo’s from 2007 until early 2008 I believe which is after heavy rain when you open the boot, you get wet as does everything in the boot.

There is a fix for this and is on all current Mondeo’s been made. The fix is a rubber seal going all the way round the boot.  All the water that sits at the bottom of the window now floods down the sides of the window and drops a short distance at the top of the boot and flows down the side gutters.


Unfortunately everyone who bought a Mondeo before this was fitted is in a situation where they are getting wet.  This is a design flaw and as such should be fixed free of charge by Ford.  But no.  Ford seem very reluctant to do anything about it.

The problem is the rubber seal can’t be retro fitted.  The part in question is a whole new rear windscreen.  A brick through your rear windscreen would get your a new part at your expense.

All Ford Mondeo owners should phone Ford Customer Relation Centre on 0845 841 1111.

The dealers don’t care or want to know about the problem and the Ford CRC just want to push everyone to their dealer.  Poor service from Ford especially as it was a problem on some of the hatchback Focus’ too.



AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Everything in my boot is soggy. EVERYtime I open the boot water pours off the back windscreen and gushes into the boot! the boot is getting damp and the car is starting to gum up on the inside as the weather worsens!! I would have thought that being weather tight was a major requirement of a vehicle these days! Massive boot they all go on about!! Flippin not much use if you can only use it when it's sunny.

Please if
u have had ur
mondeo fixed by ford
know.. They are refusing to fix mine

@Alx, You will have to get a new screen and pay for it yourself. It will be out of any sort of warranty and you are unlikely to get anything out of Ford now.

Thanks for that yep they wont help even though i have a years warranty the seal warranty has run out.. looks like contacting watchdog my only hope.. or take it back to the dealer as i have only had it 10 days??

@alx, I complained direct to Ford and at my dealer just after getting the car when I found out the newer model (April 2008 onwards I think) had a rubber seal round the window. It took around 3 months to get them to do it, all that needs to be done is the whole glass at the back has to be replaced. They got RAC to come and fit the new one. It's just a matter of cost. If at some point you will be selling the car back to them or part exchanging it, let them know that they will have a mildew infested boot to pay to clean up before they resell it. Some people on the mondeo owners club went 50/50 on the cost with their dealer.

NEWS!!! Ford have now brought out two rubber strips they fit instead of changing the rear screen.. It cost me £60 and is works perfect... takes them an hour to fit.. Ford still wont refund me so i am taking it through the court the aint getting away with making stupid new mondeos !!! But any ford servicing centre should now be aware of the part 24/03/2010

hi do you know what the part number for the strips as i have been down to ford and they have no idear what im talking about

shaun raymont

I have just bought the two seals from ford part nos 1614845 and 1614872 but cannot se how they fit can anyone help

I forgot to update the post but I had mine fixed back in October 2008 -

alx do you know the code for the new part/rubber

I don't, and I don't have my mondeo anymore. I would have thought all new windows are the new type with rubber seal.

I thought my Mondeo had been in a serious accident, but after speaking to ford, no, it is a design fault, and it was the same situation on my mk3, so nothing new.
To over come this, i soak it up with a shamy before opening, but i also purchased a boot tray which is plastic, and any residual water drips in the tray, and not on the boot carpet.
I stripped the whole rear of my vehicle to see if there was any damage caused by the water, as my Mondeo was 4 years old.
Thank fully all was OK, no water damage or residual water, but do remember, the boot is the coldest part of the vehicle, and any condensation will build up in the spare tyre well, check it at least once a week, also have the heater as hot as it will go, and direct it to the floor only, the best purchase to buy are, "rubber mats", they won't absorb water, and easy to clean, and dry in the rain and also the snow.