AVG and OpenDNS bring up some bad suggestions on searches

On a computer with IE7 and the AVG toolbar I tried to go to mail.google.co.uk, which it turns out doesn't exist. So as no DNS record is found, the address is sent off to Yahoo. AVGs partner, then it gives some suggested results of what I may be looking for, but the results it gave certainly weren't child friendly.

My first thoughts, were that, that was very wrong from Yahoo. So I tried it on another PC with Chrome and had been set up to use OpenDNS as the ISP's DNS kept going down and having problems.

Quite clearly not a one off on the AVG results. The fact that they are so similar, either AVG toolbar uses Google for the search recommendations and Yahoo for the actual search feature or some SEO sites are spamming the keywords and getting some recommended words to the top of all search engines.

Either way it is inappropriate and you wouldn't expect this, least of all when searching for something to do with Google itself. Perhaps they better put a redirect in for mail.google.co.uk to mail.google.com.