“HTTP request status” in Drupal 6.x on localhost

I just set up XAMPP on my Vista x64 PC and found that after installing Drupal 6 that the status report was throwing up an error.

HTTP request status

Your system or network configuration does not allow Drupal to access web pages, resulting in reduced functionality. This could be due to your webserver configuration or PHP settings, and should be resolved in order to download information about available updates, fetch aggregator feeds, sign in via OpenID, or use other network-dependent services.

It took a while to find the solution, but I eventually found it on drupal.org. The solution was posted by mrSjoerd.

  1. Open up the hosts file which is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc in notepad
  2. You should find a line like the following at the bottom:
    ::1             localhost
  3. Add a # in front of it to make it look like this:
    #::1             localhost
  4. Save the file and close notepad.
  5. Refresh the status page in Drupal and the error should be gone.  This should work without a restart, but if it doesn’t work without a restart it is worth a try.


This solve the problem. Thank you very much!

Thanks! This worked.

Excellent! Thank you. I've been searching for hours for this solution. Now I just need to figure out why it worked.

Apache uses the hosts file. So when it does a localhost request it was looking at the IPv6 IP address. You comment it out and it uses IPv4. Not sure if this is a Drupal thing or an Apache thing, I am sure Apache must be upto date for IPv6 though.

Thanx many. Tried all kind of thinks at this finally did it.

I am on Windows 7 RC x64 and experiencing the same issue with the latest Drupal (6.13) and Wamp (2.0h). That line had the # already but which didn't help but removing the line entirely worked.

Hey dude, thanks for the help this fixed my problem :D

that was great! ass-saver article!

Worked like a charm.

Tried using the example you stated above but everytime i try to save it after adding the # sign, it comes up with this error report "pls check weather if this file is opened by another program".

What other program could be using it?

@greenavus, Go to Start, type in notepad, then right click notepad and select Run as Administrator. Navigate to the hosts file and open, edit and save it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you soo much. I tried everysingle suggestion on the official drupal forum and it did not work. This was by far the simplest and the best solution.

Will be a regular visitor to your blog from now on.

Many thanks! That was clear, concise, and very helpful.

thanks for the help!!

I am on Windows 7 RC x32 and experiencing the same issue with Drupal version 6.15.

That line had # already but which helped in my case was to remove the # from the line

# localhost

santiagos method worked for me in w7

THANKS!!!! Finally a Drupal fix that works. Most problems go unresolved.

God bless u. thnx

God bless u all your long long life. thnx

In Win7, here is my solved way:

Open file "host" in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

# localhost
# ::1 localhost
To: localhost
# ::1 localhost
(No change in line 2)
Good luck!

You rock! Thanks for posting this; it saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks again.

I just want to thank you for taking the time to provide this solution in such a straight forward manner. Thank goodness their are people like you willing to provide this assistance.

A couple of additional items might help those still working with Vista. You have to open Windows Notepad by right clicking the Notepad.exe. file (located in C:\Windows - since it's no longer listed under Accessories in All Programs) and select Run As Administrator. Make the change and that red line in your status report goes away. And, CRON ran right after that. Everything is now GREEN. Thanks again.


Thank a lot for share this solution. I have solved it...................thanks again.

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