World of Warcraft Progression blocks updated for Wordpress and Drupal

With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, there are new zones and new bosses, so I have updated the progression module for Drupal and Wordpress.

Module/plugin details

Update: The most up to date versions will always be available at


[...] can download the file from here. I haven’t tested it extensively but selecting the bosses and zones on Settings screen [...]

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Wordpress Download link appears to still be broken, are you updating this for WP?


Thanks for pointing that out, link is now fixed.

Thank you it is working for Wordpress, thank you!

Do you know you have the ONLY wordpress WoW Cataclysm widget?

Anyways, if I may offer some bug fixes/features for next releases:

1. Valiona is spelled incorrectly (Valiano)
2. Sinestra is only heroic (there is no normal mode)
3. An option that allows to have all the instances collapsed or expanded (no need for clicking)

Thank you once again!

Hi James,

I seem to be having an issues getting this to work with Wordpress 3.1. When I activate the plugin, I get a message in Wordpress saying:

"The plugin generated 2 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin."

I am also not able to choose any settings whatsoever when I try to implement it and there is no display on the main page. Am I missing something with this plugin?

I made it before 3.1 came out, so I guess there are some changes which need to be made to it, but I don't use Wordpress anymore so don't want to devote any time to it.

I am sure someone else can take it on.

Please fix this for the new Wordpress update!

Its the only widget out there for wordpress. We would be eternally grateful!

Oh James!

This is the only Wordpress progression plugin! Please dont abandon it just yet!

I just found this and was overjoyed but received a very similar error when trying to activate it after updating my Wordpress.

Im sure many of us would be extremely appreciate if we could have this working!

I know this is probably at the bottom of your priority list but is there a chance you will update this to include the new Firelands bosses in 4.2?

We would love to continue using this plugin!

Thanks so much for your work!

The latest Drupal module will always be available at

I won't update the Wordpress one unless it is requested.

I can help you if you want

I don't play WoW so I don't know who the new bosses are. If people can keep me informed of them as expansions come out, I will update them (even Wordpress although I won't add any new functionality).

Hiya m8,

I used your addon as a basis and made some minor twists to it since we are a 10 man raiding guild we didn't need the 25-man normal and Hardmode progression info.

I also added the zone Firelands and added the 7 bosses in there.

To see your addon in action with my twist.

go check out

thx again

looks really good, is there any official 4.2 update for this from james or could you host your modified code for 4.2 that we can use. there doesnt seem to be anything else out there for boss porgression in wordpress

Give me a list of bosses and areas for the updates and I will update the files.

I don't play WoW and the person who I made this for stopped too so I have no one telling me who the bosses are.

Hi all,

I took the base addon from James and I added some nice features if I say myself :-).
I updated the add for all bosses in MOP leave a comment on our guild website

and I will get in contact with you.

Kind regards

I would like to have your addon


I love the addon that you have programmed. I'm not a very adept coder, I know my way around enough to dabble and play around and I was wondering if you had ever planned on expanding on the addon a bit to get a bit more cute with it.

Guild Launch I believe has the best one in the business and can be seen at my guilds old website at where they have the images there and it allows you to turn on the 10 man raids while turning off the 25 man raids and adds images with hover effects. I am going to attempt to try to see if I can get it to look something like this on my site, but if you, who are a better programmer than I am, choose to do something like that let me know. I'd be glad to help where possible.

Any updated version as yet ?

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