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2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

The Mitsubishi Eclipse offers the sport coupe customer an "attainable exotic" with striking design, sports car handling and dazzling performance. For 2009, Mitsubishi restyled the front and rear bumper fascias and gave the Eclipse GT model a large rear spoiler. The GT also gets three significant upgrades for 2009: a new dual exhaust system yields a more powerful sound while also boosting horsepower to 265 (up from 263); standard high intensity discharge (HID) head lamps sharpen front styling and aid nighttime visibility, and standard Active Stability Control (ASC) enhances driving safety and performance.

Three new colors are available: Maizen Blue pearl, Quick Silver metallic and Solar, a vibrant new yellow. New interior cloth fabrics give all models a richer interior feel and appearance. The optional Sun & Sound package for GS model now includes aluminum pedals.

2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

2008 Volvo Hot Rod Jakob

Hot Rod Jakob is a unique combination of classical car-building craftsmanship allied to modern technology and design. In February 2008 the car will be unveiled at the Volvo Museum in Göteborg before setting off on a tour of the Nordic region and the USA.
1925-1926: The prototypes of what would eventually become the first Volvo slowly take shape in a simple workshop on the island of Hisingen in Göteborg on Sweden's west coast. Volvo's enthusiastic founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson and their skilled craftsmen proceed with immense skill and precision. They design and engineer all the parts themselves. They test-drive and make changes in preparation for the next prototype. And in doing so they lay the very foundation for the excellent quality reputation that has been a Volvo trademark over the decades.


DVD vs HD - Beowulf



Browsing on Digg

You can find some rather weird and wonderful things when you search through Digg. It is also surprising the amount of crap that gets dugg up really high.

For example:


This image has got 3715 diggs in 24 hours.


This image has got 1350 diggs in 20 hours.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class



This is the most comfortable car I have sat in.

And to top that off, not only is it the most comfortable car I have ever sat in, it has the most comfortable seat's I have sat in.

Better than a deck chair from Ikea, and costs slightly more too.

But if you are looking for an extremely comfortable car and have lots of money, then buy the CLS. Your arse will love you forever, until you spend a night on a beach in Brighton.

Transporting Horses

Why do horses have to be transported around everywhere in the back of stupid vans that drive around 20mph down a 40mph road?

I can only assume it is not to spook the horses or cause damage to them as they are rather expensive so I hear. Why not put lots of padding in the back of the van, then they can floor it and the horse would just bounce of the side of the cabin.

Flickr Plugin Test

This is a test post to see if the new wp-flickr plugin works correctly.


Burning FLAC files to Audio CD using Nero 8

By default Nero 8 does not include a decoder for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files. This should also work in prior versions of Nero as well.

This is tested and working in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

How to add games to the Games panel of Windows Vista

This tutorial will show you how to add a game in to the Games panel in Windows Vista.

For this tutorial I will be adding Call of Duty 4 to the Games panel which is not put on automatically.


The rules of shotgun

Here are the simple rules of shotgun. Shotgun according to the rules and you can be in the front seat everytime.