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New Drupal module - Block API

I have created a new module for Drupal 6 called Block API which is available on Drupal.org.

Block API is a new module I have developed for Drupal 6 which gives greater control over block templates much like you do with nodes.

More information is available on my Block API page under Projects.

Creating a Drupal multisite enviroment using Drupal 6

This guide will show you how to create a multisite environment using a shared user system with the user only needing to log in once, to be logged in to all the sites.

I will be doing this using WAMP on a Windows XP machine, so some of the steps won't work if you are using IIS or will differ if you are using a different setup.

The result we will be aiming for is a shared user system allowing the user to log in/out of 3 sites which I will use the following domains:

Creating a grid of images for an album in Drupal 6 with pagination

Following on from the original tutorial on creating a grid of images for an album in Drupal 6, a few people asked how to add pagination on to this for large albums.

Unfortunately from what I can tell Drupal's pagination function only works with SQL queries so we are unable to use the existing data available in the node object. But due to Drupal's nice database schema, it is very simple to write some simple SQL to give us the pager.

Create a Drupal 6 theme based on the Zen starter theme

What is Zen?

Taken from the Zen project page:

Zen is the ultimate starting theme for Drupal. If you are building your own standards-compliant theme, you will find it much easier to start with Zen than to start with Garland or Bluemarine. This theme has fantastic online documentation and tons of code comments for both the PHP (template.php) and HTML (page.tpl.php, node.tpl.php).

Why use Zen?

Zen gives a great framework for you to work from as a lot of the hard work in making the default Drupal CSS rules easier to customise as well as having a starter kit for you to modify giving you the basics to create your own theme without needed to mess around with the in's and out's of Drupals theming system.

[Drupal] An error occured while attempting to process add Content Modal form

When trying to add some content new a pane in Panels in Drupal 5 you may get this message.

In my case it was caused by the Secure Pages module. To fix this add the following line to your Secure Pages configuration under Ignore pages:


No add button in IMCE in Drupal when using the Secure Pages module

There may be cases where you are using IMCE with Drupal and have the IMCE appear on node add/edit pages which use a secure URL. You need to add the following to the ignore section of the Secure Pages module.


Go back to your node add/edit page and you should now have the add button in IMCE.

Add a publish button on node edit forms in Drupal 6 using a custom module

This tutorial assumes you have a reasonable knowledge of Drupal such as being able to create a custom module. It also requires an understanding of PHP and jQuery.

Creating a grid of images for an album in Drupal 6

Following on from the tutorial of creating an album based gallery in Drupal 6. This tutorial will teach you how to create a basic grid of the images in the node.

Update: I have written an updated tutorial with code to allow you to have pagination on your grid of images.

Create an album based image gallery in Drupal 6 using CCK and views

This tutorial is an addition to my previous tutorial on creating a simple gallery in Drupal 6 using CCK and views.  This tutorial will enable users to create galleries containing multiple images per node with each album being listed within a view presented by one of the node’s images.

This tutorial was written with the following versions of Drupal and module:

Note: These were the latest versions as of writing this tutorial.

“HTTP request status” in Drupal 6.x on localhost

I just set up XAMPP on my Vista x64 PC and found that after installing Drupal 6 that the status report was throwing up an error.

HTTP request status

Your system or network configuration does not allow Drupal to access web pages, resulting in reduced functionality. This could be due to your webserver configuration or PHP settings, and should be resolved in order to download information about available updates, fetch aggregator feeds, sign in via OpenID, or use other network-dependent services.


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