Display iframed content as a block using Block API

The code for this got buggered up in CKeditor due to it not handling Geshi properly, so I have removed all the code. You can download the Drupal 6 file here.


The first code goes to the .info-file. Into which files should the code "iframe_block_block.." should be placed?

All of the following code goes into a file called iframe_block.module.

which version of drupal works?


This was for an early Drupal 6 version of Block API, there may be a couple of small changes needed.

This is exacly what I'm loking for !! Can u make it drupal7 accessible ?



You will need to rename the file to .tar.gz before you can extract it.

Hi there,

I followed the different steps of this page. Thanks by the way
But now i can't access the Blocks page (/admin/build/block/ ) of my site any more. It displays a white page.

I can access /admin/build/block/add-module-block but no option is available.

Block Api is installed.
I'm running Drupal 6

Can you help me ?

Thanks !

First step would be to disable Block API or your contributed module and see if you still get a white screen.

If you do then it isn't a problem with Block API.

If you don't, then the easiest way to resolve it would be to temporarily enable error reporting.

Just place this at the top of index.php below the opening php tag:


Thanks for the answer.
It's actually the Iframe_block module that causes the issue.
When Block_api is activated, there is no pblm.
It's only when I activate the Iframe_block module.

What can I do ?


I have updated the post with a link to a download.

Unfortunately CKeditor ruined all the code and I don't have revisions enabled.