[How-to] Rooting HTC Desire Froyo (2.2) on Windows 7 x64

I had a few problems getting Unrevoked to work, so thought I would do a quick step by step guide on what I did to get it to work.

You need to download a couple of files first:

Install HTC Sync

If you haven't already, install HTC Sync. You will need to go through and install all the dependencies it asks for.

Once you have installed HTC Sync, uninstall it. But make sure you only remove HTC Sync and not the HTC Driver that is also installed.

Install the additional Windows drivers

Make sure your phone is turned off.

Hold down the Volume Down button on the side of the phone and hold the Power button to turn on the phone, release the power button after a couple of seconds. You should get to a white screen with the Android logo at the bottom, release the Volume button. The text on the screen should change green and say something about SD Card Checking wait until this has finished (takes 2-3 seconds).

Connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable. A bit of text on the screen should change to HBOOT USB PLUG. Windows will now attempt to find a driver. After a while it will fail.

Extract the zip file containing the additional drivers to a location that you can remember.

Click Start (the orb) and right click My Computer and chose Manage.

Select Device Manager on the left hand side.

There should be an entry called Android 1.0. Right click this and select Update Driver Software and then browse to the folder that you just extracted. You will be given a warning about an unsupported driver, click Yes/OK.

Once finished, you should now have an entry called Android Bootloader Interface. If you have, then you have successfully installed the driver. If not, you have done something wrong.

Unplug the phone from the USB cable and restart the phone (you can do this through the menu or just pull the battery out and put it back in).


Turn your phone on so it gets to the lock screen or to the home screen if you have no lock.

On your phone go to Settings > Connect to PC > Default connection type > Charge Only and untick Ask Me.

Then go to Settings > Applications > Development and check USB Debugging.

Then go back to Applications and make sure Unknown Sources is ticked.

Now right click the Unrevoked file you download and select Run as administrator.

Unrevoked should now be open and say Waiting for device.

At this point, plug your phone back in (using the same USB port as above).

Wait for a bit and Unrevoked should update it's message and go through the process of rooting your phone which will cause your phone to reboot a few times.

When Unrevoked says Done, you can unplug your phone and close Unrevoked. You are finished.


I am still having problems, Keeps saying my firmware is too new, the one time it said done, it wasn`t, Any Ideas?

No, took me days to get mine done I guess your phone is newer than my one.

Same here :/

Thank you so much for this. It really helped me out alot.

THANKS !!!! i have tried for 4 days to root my phone, and this is the first tutorial that worked. i think the only difference from others is the "untick ask me" regarding the carge unly hint. used unrevoked 3.2 So now i'm ready to take it to the next step: S-on / off ;o)


I kept getting "Internal error: uninstalling package failed", this was because I didn't have enough space left on the phone - progressively deleted apps till it worked - needed somewhere between 11 & 18MB free - failed with 11, suceeded with 18MB free.

*gets on knees and bows to you*

Thousands of tutorials saying the same thing, but non of them mentioned to install HTC sync.. and then uninstall it. Bravo. Well done for the tutorial and thanks

The HTC Desire needs enough free phone memory (not SD card) so you unrevoked3 can push the >4 MB large recovery file to the Desire.

I got the above error after running the unrevoked.

Any idea how to resolved??
However i must say that your tutorial are the only that get unrevoked started running on my PC.
Thanks man

No idea. Guess you would need to get an older firmware on your phone or hope Revoked is updated.

unrevoked says failed to unlock NAND flash. any ideas

Might have a newer phone which doesn't work with Unrevoked.

ur a master
am so grateful the only easy working solution
thank u man

Thanks, this worked fine although I did get the "new firmware" error a few times. I found I had to reset the phone to its factory settings to get it to work. Fortunately I am using an old phone for this so that was not a problem.

I ran this utility( almost 99% works fine) twice but still at the end same massage like "waiting root...." (as per doc i should get the message as Done at the end of it.) So am not sure if i rooted it through.. yes and am not complaining ..just confirming if i have done it right ? pratap_d_patil@yahoo.co.in

If you have another computer you can try it on, do so. I did have one PC that had trouble getting the driver to recognise the phone properly.

i followed the guide step by step and all worked fin till i got to the unrevoked part. the message stating it is still waiting for device after about 10 min.

htc sync is uninstaled and usb debugging is checked and charge only is selected and ask me is unchecked any suggestions

If possible, try a different PC. Unrevoked wouldn't work on my main PC but worked fine on my HTPC despite both running Windows 7 Pro.

The directions are the best by a long way. Great work. I had a few attempts but the comments here helped - needed more space and the factory reset fixed that. All great now. Thanks.

Thanks James. It worked a treat. I echo what someone else has said in terms of your instructions being the clearest I have seen.

I am getting validation error backup CID is missing. What should I do?

is it working for windows 8

No idea. I no longer have my desire so no way to test.