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UK Counties & Countries data files (CSV + MySQL)

The following files are data files that can be used in projects that require a list of UK Counties and/or all of the Countries in the world.

The following files are useful for web developers to use for their select drop downs or a lookup table in a database.

[MySQL] Using MySQL to analyze web usage from Windows ISA logs

This tutorial will teach you how to import a tab delimited file in to a MySQL database. I built a program to do this for Windows ISA Server logs which contained over 500,000 lines which was way too many for Microsoft Excel to handle and too much for notepad to handle properly. What MySQL functions will we be using:

[Photoshop] Chrome your car

This tutorial teaches you how to chrome a cars paint.  This will only work properly on dark cars and works best on black cars.

View tutorial at

Good 'ol Worms

With all the new 3D games coming out that aren't filling that spot of boredom I decided to get out the dusty copy or Worms Armageddon. Surprisingly supporting a resolution up to 1920 x 1200 with no problems too.

Why do all the old games seem to be more fun years and years on when the graphics have been improved so much?

Will I be wanting to play Crysis again as a classic game in 10 years time because it was a classic game of the time (well Crysis may not be the best example, but you get the idea).

Google Chrome really Safari in disguise?

While enabling Google Gears from within the newly released Google Chrome, I noticed something odd about the wording.

In Firefox and IE, you get the same text:

FILM: Felon (2008)

I have just watch Felon which stars Val Kilmer, Stephen Dorff, Harold Perrineau and the very attractive Marisol NicholsIMDB gives the film a 7.9 which I would say is a little low.

Ford Mondeo MK4 (2007 – onwards) leaking boot problem

There is a problem on all Mondeo’s from 2007 until early 2008 I believe which is after heavy rain when you open the boot, you get wet as does everything in the boot.

There is a fix for this and is on all current Mondeo’s been made. The fix is a rubber seal going all the way round the boot.  All the water that sits at the bottom of the window now floods down the sides of the window and drops a short distance at the top of the boot and flows down the side gutters.

2008 Edo Competition Lamborghini LP 710

Anyone searching for the exceptional simply has to look to edo competition. Tapping its roots as one of the ultimate performance vehicle tuners, the company from Ahlen, Germany has turned its eyes towards a very special car, the new Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640.

The already extremely capable monster has been turned into the world’s fastest and most powerful Lamborghini Murcièlago by edo competition: the edo LP710 /2.


Source: Serious Wheels

A Money Saving Tip From Auto Trader giving people very bad advice

On the Auto Trader website they give readers some tips on how to save money by washing their car themselves rather than paying a valet to do it for them.  Unfortunately their guide is wrong and is likely to cause more damage to the paint.

The most glaring error is this: