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[Drupal] Deleting node content of a certain type in bulk

On occasions you may need to bulk delete all nodes of a certain type.

The following code requires 2 variables, the amount of rows to delete each time and the content type.

Built my first HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer)

The idea of an HTPC is to have a PC that can fit in with your amplifier/receiver underneath your TV which will act as a DVD player but with more features.

Hardware wise it is identical to a normal PC with CPU, RAM, motherboard etc etc but generally put in to more stylish cases specially built to fit in most TV stands.

AVG and OpenDNS bring up some bad suggestions on searches

On a computer with IE7 and the AVG toolbar I tried to go to, which it turns out doesn't exist. So as no DNS record is found, the address is sent off to Yahoo. AVGs partner, then it gives some suggested results of what I may be looking for, but the results it gave certainly weren't child friendly.

[FPSS] Front Page Slideshow for Drupal Update

I have updated my Front Page Slideshow for Drupal module with some new features and some fixes.

New Features:

Spam from

One of the sites I look after is getting a lot of spam from with messages being posted like below:
comment2, Clitorus sex site, fgx, Clitoris sex site, :), Clits major size sex, 02056,

Some people shouldn't drink alcohol

Video shot from an in car camera from the police in USA.

Ford Mondeo 2007+ Leaking Boot problem fixed

The ongoing problem of leaking boots on the MK4 Ford Mondeo has been successfully fixed by replacing the rear windscreen with the new style rear windscreen which has a rubber catchment around the edge which puts all the water that is held by the boot in to the area at the very top of the boot which then flows down the sides of the boot like it should do.

Please note this only affects the hatchbacks which were made before April 2008.

Frontpage Slideshow for Drupal

I have begun coding a module to allow the Frontpage Slideshow to be displayed within a block or a panel.

Frontpage slideshow is a script by Joomlaworks.

The module requires that the script is purchased from Joomlaworks as it contains important files for it to work.

The module which is currently in development can be found at

The code is still in an early stage but is working and usable, but I would recommend not using it on a production site.

[PHP + MySQL] Making a basic product database - Part 1

Firstly you need a server which supports PHP and Mysql. If you haven't got one, you can set up your computer as a local web server.

Google Chrome annoyances

It has been over a month now since Google released Chrome to the world and quite a few annoyances have appeared over that time.

Closing multiple tabs

The huge flaw that is extremely irritating is no warning of closing multiple tabs.

If you have 10