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Configuring the AddThis module for Drupal

It wasn't immediately obvious to me how to configure the AddThis module's toolbox feature using the AddThis Drupal module. The toolbox is the set of larger icons rather than the pill shaped "share" button.

After installing AddThis, go to Site configuration > AddThis > Configure (admin/settings/addthis/config). Under Widget type, select Toolbox.

[How-to] Rooting HTC Desire Froyo (2.2) on Windows 7 x64

I had a few problems getting Unrevoked to work, so thought I would do a quick step by step guide on what I did to get it to work.

You need to download a couple of files first:

World of Warcraft blocks for Drupal 7

I have updated the World of Warcraft blocks which utilizes the Block API for Drupal 7.

I haven't tried it, but it should work as the hooks have all been updated for D7 version of Block API.

You can download the file from here.

Blog updated from Wordpress 3 to Drupal 6 resulting in a speed increase

I have upgraded the blog from running Wordpress 3 with the Akismet and WP Super Cache plugins to Drupal 6. Quite surprisingly, it was very simple.

I wasn't doing anything special with Wordpress which made the transfer of data over to Drupal fairly easy. The Wordress Import module does all the hard work and imports all posts/pages from Wordpress from an XML export you can do from the Wordpress dashboard. Wordpress Import handles taxonomy and users too. Images with working links were copied over without fuss.

World of Warcraft Progression blocks updated for Wordpress and Drupal

With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, there are new zones and new bosses, so I have updated the progression module for Drupal and Wordpress.

Module/plugin details

[Drupal] Display separate views on different taxonomy pages (parents/children) using Panels/Views

I have come across the problem a couple of times now and have come across someone else looking for the same things on IRC where you want to have a different view for parent terms and child terms.

Although this probably can be done in Views, I am none the wiser on how to do it and neither were any of the participants on IRC. So my work around is to use Panels taking advantage of Ctools contexts.

This tutorial is written for Drupal 6.

"Disable Drupal blocks/regions" has no effect with some custom themes

I came across a problem with a panels page when I check the "Disable Drupal blocks/regions" box, the sidebars are supposed to disappear so that the content takes the full width. But it didn't work.

Switching back to Garland and the sidebars disappeared as expected. After a quick search, I found this post on which is the same issue but one of the replies essentially says to hack core to get it to work, but that is not necessary.

WoW Progression Widget for Wordpress

I have ported the Drupal module of the Word of Warcraft Progression block to be a Wordpress widget.

Programmatically create Ubercart products with attributes and selected options in Drupal 6

I have been working on a import script to import products from a previous custom Drupal module in to Ubercart. For this I have been using the Batch API to handle the large amounts of data. Upon trying to import some products using drupal_execute(), I came to realise that drupal_execute() can not be run in during a batch operation using Batch API.

So I ended up creating the node using node_save() which created the basic product.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare db_status_report()

The above error message is caused by using 2 seperate database drivers in your settings.php file.

To fix this, make sure you use a single database driver so stick to mysql or mysqli and don't mix the two together.